Serendipitous Stay: Kimberly Hotel♡

Kathy recently shared a great  (and very practical) post about the ins and outs of finding accommodations.  I wanted to share about a completely surprising and delightful experience we had in George Town, Malaysia.



While exploring the city we came upon a  brand new,  luxurious hotel: The Kimberly. Thinking it too expensive for our budget, but being curious, we decided to walk in and inquire about the rates.  Turned out the hotel had not even opened yet! The manager and staff were so excited to greet us and said they would love it if we could be their
very first guests.  They were planning a “soft opening” in one week.


They showed us a variety of room options. Their least expensive room was still beyond our budget but they kept assuring us they would “work with us”. We finally agreed on a small room for  $25 per night, a little above what we usually pay. The place was so nice and so centrally located we decided it was worth it.


When we arrived a week later we were delighted to find that they gave us one of their very best rooms for the same $25 a night.  We had a wonderful room, balcony area, indoor seating area and lovely bathroom; all brand new!


The staff were most kind and helpful
throughout our stay.  It was really fun to be a first guest and be treated like VIPs. So, for me, while planning and  researching are important parts of BOLTing, serendipity means taking a chance, asking questions and being open to the blessings that will come!


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