Coche Lento, Casa Rápida (Slow Car, Fast House)

I’ve always wanted to travel in an R.V.  What I imagined was long days of driving, visiting lots of beautiful sites for brief periods. The reality has been much more wonderful than I had imagined. R.V. traveling, BOLT style has come to mean slow travel with fairly long stays in beautiful places.  I know this type of travel is not possible for everyone and I am extremely grateful for the privilege. If you are someone who is considering a full time R.V. lifestyle here are some of the top reasons why I have come to believe slow travel with extended stops is best.

Longer stays mean you really get to experience, explore and enjoy the place.  You find favorite stores and restaurants. You get to see sunrises, starry skyes, sunny or rainy days.  During almost every longer stay we’ve been able to participate in festivals or other community activities. You really get a feel for the place.

There are substantial savings to long stays. Obviously you are using far less gas and that’s not a small thing in our 30 foot R.V.  A tank of gas currently costs us about $100 and takes us about 250 miles.  Every day we stay parked is a good day for our budget. Also, most R.V. parks offer substantial discounts when you stay a week or longer.  We find places that include water and electricity in the rate, which cuts down on our propane and water costs. When we find a spot within walking distance of shops and town activities we are truly in finance paradise. 

While we’ve met interesting, friendly people on brief stays, one of the great things about longer stays is you can really get to know people. There is camaraderie among RVers and a lot of helpful information gets exchanged. 

I think the best thing about longer stays is the chance to slow down and really enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I love our quiet, slow mornings; long, aimless walks; lots of time for reading, and sharing BOLT life with my beloved, Kathy.

If  you have any questions about RV life or experiences of your own to share we’d love to hear from you.  Your support and interest are always appreciated. 


6 thoughts on “Coche Lento, Casa Rápida (Slow Car, Fast House)

  1. What a wonderful way to enjoy life. You both deserve the beauty and wonder of slow travel. I so enjoy you taking me with you along the way. Your words and pictures paint an awesome experience.


    1. Hey Gayle. Thanks for following. Your words are appreciated. Say hello to Verna. Soon we will be headed to Canada for the Summer. Be well and happy.


  2. Kathy and Marcia, you have really figured out how traveling in an RV allows one to absorb the location and not hurry along to the next item on the checklist. Unfortunately, for Bonnie and me, that means we won’t be seeing you at our place in the Yucatán. Enjoy what each new day brings. Kathe


    1. Hey Kathe. Sorry. We lost your email address. Don’t ask me how. But we have been trying to let you know we can’t make it. Maybe some other time soon. Be well. It was great meeting you all.


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