A Quick Update from BOLT


One of our faithful followers reminded me that I haven’t posted a blog lately. Kathy and I have been very busy but I wanted to take a few minutes out for a brief update.


One project that is keeping us joyously busy is helping our dear friend, Wanvisa, in the development of her wellness center, Inthakin Green Village.  We’ve had lots of fun brainstorming ideas, getting treatments (the best part) and doing some administrative tasks. Kathy has been working hard, designing a website and it should be published soon.  We do have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Inthakin-Green-Village-254781621989943/


The other thing keeping us (me) busy is that I am doing my first community theater gig. It will be a readers theater production of James Baldwin’s “The Amen Corner”.  I am working with a fabulous group of people and we are under the direction of the very skilled Stephan Turner, who is the founder of the Gate Theater, here in Chiang Mai. If you are in or near Chiang Mai please come out and support us: https://www.facebook.com/TheGateTheater/photos/a.466250796762976/1791627774225265/?type=3&theater


So that’s us for now, how about you? We love hearing from you: where you are, what you are doing and how can we help?  More about our Black Old Lesbian Traveling adventures soon!


6 thoughts on “A Quick Update from BOLT

  1. Please write more about the black folks you have shown in your photos. Seems there is a “black” community in Chiang-Mai. Africans, Americans, UK…? Very curious. Thx. Congratulations on both the theater gig and healing center support.


  2. Yay! So glad to see the update. Looks like y’all are some busy bees over in the Mai lol.

    As far as my own travels, I’m just counting down the days and daydreaming until my nomad vision is a reality. I’m a minimalist by nature so by the time i’m ready to go, i’ll only have a few items to get rid of. Every day I get a bit more excited and ready for this new chapter. I’m also gonna adopt a senior dog as my travel companion! My gf will join me from time to time on the road as well.

    How have you ladies been received as a black lesbian couple in your travels, especially traveling the US? This will be my very first cross country excursion so ideas and advice from experienced black travelers that are women who love women is always much appreciated :).

    I’m very proud of you ladies and glad that things are working out well for you. I’ll be checking back for more updates. Congrats and good luck with your awesome new adventures and opportunities 🙂


    1. Yay! Come on in the water’s fine. We have had no problems traveling anywhere as BlackLesbians. We were cautious at first but soon found out most people don’t care. Every now and then a man will realize after talking with us that we are in fact a couple and may be make a little comment but that has only happened a couple times in all our years traveling. Nothing worst than that. When in the U.S. we have made a couple accommodations for bigots. We don’t put too many explicitly queer bumper stickers.on our RV but it is quite covered with dentist stickers and anything else we like.
      Once you are in Canada or Mexico no one is surprised to see two women together. They may just be more polite. We also found traveling on the road to be very safe. The truth is most interstates alike and you will find plenty places to spend the night. But for more interesting travel try to get on secondary roads. You can always join another interstate if you want to US Hwy 89 is my favorite suggestion. Love this drive.
      https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Route_89 Enjoy. Keep us posted.


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