Mexico Bucket List

Kathy and I really love Mexico! The people, the sights , the natural beauty and the affordability all make Mexico one of our favorite countries.

Mexico has 32 states, 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, big cities (Mexico City is the largest in North America), quaint pueblos, beaches, mountains and deserts. Different regions are vastly different in culture, food, and history. All of this makes Mexico a wonderful country to explore.

We are creating a Mexican bucket list of places we want to visit. We currently are living in Merida which is a great big city in the Yucatan state.

The Cenotes of the Yucatan are Amazing!

We also spent a year in Baja Sur.

Baja was a wonderful adventure in our RV.

We enjoyed the week we recently spent in Oaxaca and are inspired to visit more places.


We are looking forward to visiting Mexico City, Guadalajara, Aiijic, Lake Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel Allende and Taxco.

Ciudad de México
These hot springs are remote and difficult to get to but look amazing!
Lake Chapala

Where have you visited or lived in Mexico? Where do you recommend? What’s on your bucket list? We’d love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “Mexico Bucket List

  1. Greetings Marci n Kathy,

    I so love reading about your adventures!

    I am going on a group trip through Mexico and will end in Oaxaca on Wednesday, Nov 3.

    A friend and I are considering going up to Lake Chapala for a week or so. Any suggestions on the best way to get there from Oaxaca? Fly? Rent a car? Bus? Is there any place along the way you would suggest we check out if we drove?

    I watched your friends YouTube about your visit to Oaxaca and my friend and I plan to check out the sweat lodge. Any information you can pass on about that would be most welcome.

    Love, Pierce



    1. Hola Pierce! How wonderful that you are visiting Mexico. I’m sorry I have not been to Lake Chapala yet and we have not driven much in the mainland. We have found that Volaris has cheap flights to most Mexican citys. I think flying into Guadalajara is easiest for visiting Chapala. I find and send you a link to the Temazcal Ceremony.


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