Repositioning Cruise! Say What?


When Kathy and I say we are going on a 30 day trans-Pacific cruise many folks assume it will be very expensive.  The opposite is actually true. For less than $83 per person, per day we will visit 12 beautiful destinations, stay in a lovely cabin with full steward services, have nightly entertainment and enjoy 30 days of delicious gourmet meals.


The ship we will be on (the Statendam) is being moved (repositioned) from Alaska to Southeast Aisa.  Rather than move an empty ship across the seas the cruise lines choose to offer these one way trips at deeply discounted rates.


Kathy and I love cruising.  We met on a cruise (truly love at first sight), and have enjoyed several cruises together.  For getting away from it all and relaxation there is nothing better than cruising.  This will be our longest cruise by far with multiple days (5-6) at sea.  We are looking forward to lots of time for reading, writing, swimming  (me) and using the gym machines (Kathy). We are also looking forward to sharing our cruise adventure with you all.  So stay tuned!


For more information on repositioning cruising visit:


2 thoughts on “Repositioning Cruise! Say What?

  1. You said 5-6 days at sea. Where are you the other 25 days? I thought the whole cruise was on the water? What am I missing here…


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