6 Days at Sea!


4 times around the verandah deck is one mile.
The swimming pool is warm and uncrowded.
Reading the New York Times in the library.
Sunset from the Lido Deck.


On the bow this morning as we arrive in Honolulu.

Multiple days at sea on a repositioning cruise may not be for everyone but I  have loved our time on the Pacific. The average age on this 30 day trans Pacific cruise is probably 75. We have counted 5 other black passengers (out of 1300) and very few people of color overall.  Everyone has been very nice and friendly and there is much to do.  The best thing for me has been relaxing and having no schedule to keep.  I swim daily,  we both walk a mile or so on the verandah deck, eat delicious food and spend lots of time reading and enjoying each others company.   I even took a hula class and participated in a Hawaian stage show! Kathy is enjoying the library. The is a movie theater, casino and nightly stage shows. We haven’t been bored yet. So far this repositioning cruise has been I hoped for and more!

One thought on “6 Days at Sea!

  1. Hey Marci, what wonderful photos….this is the first time I was able to check your blog—guess thought it would be hard since I’m not
    technical and also busy with family/grandtwins/big boys. I’m an L.A. native too, so I recognize/patronized El Cholo, St. Sophia’s (never went inside),Leimert Park….I grew up where theConv. ctr. now is and mostly in Korea Town (Crenshaw/Olympic)! Where did you go to high school? Great to reminisce the streets
    of L.A. and then be off to your cruise! Hula is great!! Ocean is so vast. Take care of yourselves and keep exploring and smiling!!
    God is with you! I’ve made several changes in my routine and feel a lot better. Food is still difficult—so I realized humility was not
    present and letting go—too much in the physical plane—now I’m back to the spiritual and pausing for God to intervene and guide me!
    Thanks again for all that you shared both in the workshop and with these photos and words of joy!

    Love and peace, susan D.


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