Land Ahoy!


There is a special sense of excitement that happens when we approach land after long days at sea.  Arriving in the Philippines was especially so. Many of our wonderful crew members are Filipino and as soon as we started moving past the many Philippine Islands the air was electric with their excitement.  The smiles on their faces grew broader and broader as we neared the port of Puerto Princessa.  As we neared the dock everyone was on deck. We were welcomed by traditional Palawan dancers and a great rendition of the Whip/Nae Nae!  Kathy and I spent a lovely morning walking and exploring the town.  We came back on board for lunch and were delighted to find that many of the crew had been joined by their families.  We were proudly introduced to spouses, mothers and children. After lunch we went back out for a wonderful adventure on a Tuk Tuk!  We rode for miles through the countryside, seeing lush jungle and small farms.  We visited a butterfly garden, learned a little about traditional Palawan culture, walked through an aviary and ended our day on a pristine beach. Salamat  (Thank You) to our Filipino hosts for a perfect day.

To see more pictures of our Puerto Princessa, The Phillipines adventure visit our BOLT Facebook page.

As I finished writing this  (we just arrived in Malaysia ) we see news about the typhoon and terrible flooding in the Philippines.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the people there.


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