Kwan Yin, Always With Us


I recently remarked to Kathy that everywhere we have gone, since leaving Los Angeles in September, Kwan Yin has been there for us.

Kwan Yin Greeted Us in Hawaii, After 5 Days at Sea

Kwan Yin is a bodhisattva, an enlightened being who has taken a vow to remain in the world until all others have attained enlightenment.

Her name literally means “She who harkens to the cries of the world.”

7th Century Kwan Yin at Bangkok Museum

It has been a great comfort to me to find Kwan Yin so often on our travels. I offer up prayers to her for our safe travels and for the well being of our loved ones.

We offered blessings by dropping 108 coins in the 108 bowls surrounding this beautiful Kwan Yin, the tallest in Malaysia.
Kwan Yin Watched Over Us in Danang, Vietnam

I believe the feminine energies of  mercy, compassion and a stong, enduring and selfless love are found in the many female deities around the world and within us all.  We have certainly found them everywhere on our journey.

Kwan Yin in Skin in our Beautiful Neighbors in Chiang Mai!
Goddess Worship Exhibit in Hanoi, Vietnam
Kwan Yin Love in the Heart of My Beloved
Kwan Yin Love in Oppulence and Abundance
Kwan Yin Love in Simple Beauty
We were greeted with Kwan Yin Love by the committee at this Kwan Yin Temple in Ipoh, Malaysia
Kwan Yin Love and Light to All

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