BOLT’s Top 5: Why We Love RV Life! 

It’s almost been a year since we bought our 1994 Minnie Winnie RV and began traveling around North America. While not without challenges, we continue to love the RV lifestyle. Here’s our top 5 reasons why. 

 5. No packing and unpacking! Having lived out of suitcases for a year in Asia we really appreciate having all our “stuff” with us. We don’t forget anything and there’s a place for everything as long as we are mindful about not having too much stuff.

4. Cooking! I really enjoy cooking and eating my own cooking so having an RV with a full kitchen is perfect. We are much healthier and we save money too.

3. Kahlo! Having an RV means that we can have a dog. Kahlo has been a great addition to the BOLT family.

 2. Visiting Friends and Family! While we both love meeting new people on the road, one of the biggest benefits of having an RV is that we can visit folks without imposing on their hospitality or incurring the expense of a hotel stay.

1. Travel! Winnie has now been to 3 countries and 24 U.S. states. We’ve seen so many beautiful places and met wonderful people so of course the number one reason we love RVing is because we are BOLT: Black Old Lesbians TRAVELING! 


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