BOLT: Black Old Lesbians Thanksgiving 

Today seems like a good day to share about a few of the many things I am thankful for. Giving thanks  (along with food, family and friends) is what this holiday is all about, right?

I am thankful for Kathy, for our marriage and for the life of love and service we have built and are living. 

I’m grateful for Spirit in our lives, for God, the Ancestors, the Angels, the Orishas and the Bodhisattvas. 

I’m grateful for family, whether the connection is of blood or of love, our families are wonderful! 

I’m grateful for our fabulous friends! 

I’m grateful for our travels and all the amazing places we have visited. 

I’m grateful for nature and all the natural beauty we have experienced. 

I’m grateful for Kahlo and for the joy (and exercise) she has brought to us.

I’m grateful for our fast house, slow car and the RV lifestyle. 

I’m grateful for being a Black Old Lesbian Traveling! 


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