Take Me to Wakanda!

Some times high expectations can lead to dissapontment, but not so with Black Panther. Kathy and I have eagerly awaited the opening since we first heard about this movie. No spoilers here, I just want to say Black Panther (Pantera Negra here in Mexico) is everything! Everything I hoped for and more! I find it to be a beautiful, loving tribute to Black excellence. What’s more, it is a reflection of the greatness of Africa, past and present. It has given me several nights of pleasant dreams and hours of wonderful conversations with Kathy.

Our only regret (slight) is that we saw it here in Mexico, amidst a tiny audience and no other Black folks. The upside, however, is that we saw it a the beautiful, state of the art Cineopolis Marcoplaza in Ensenada for a total of $4.24! Yes, $2.12 a ticket!

We were delighted to hear about the crowds attending the movie, all over the U.S., many of them dressed in the height of Afro-futuristic fashion.

We’ve enjoyed looking at pictures and videos of this. Click this link to check out these pictures showing the reactions of children seeing the movie.

Her face says it all!

Kathy even made a t-shirt which you can purchase at teespring.com

I love this text I got from a friend. It said “Peace out, it’s been real, but I gots to go!”

And these dancers, celebrating after seeing the movie, bring me joy! Check out their moves on youtube.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, please do, wherever you are, please do! Our brothers and sisters in Thailand did! Shout out to Black Packers in Southeast Asia!

Have you seen it yet? We’d love to hear your impressions and experiences.


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