Da Nang: Under Construction! Always?

Da Nang is a beautiful city and we are enjoying it. However, anyone who has spent any amount of time here will mention one drawback. There is constant noise, debris and dust from seemingly never ending construction!

Don’t get me wrong, this city has much to offer. There are pristine beaches, great tourists attractions, lovely apartments and amazing bridges.

Kathy and I were living in the An Thoung area of the city. The majority of the construction seems to be happening here. When we moved in to our apartment there was an occupied, intact building right next door. A few days later they started tearing it down. There was jackhammer, bulldozer and other construction cacaphony starting daily at 7 am!

We decided to move to a much quieter areas and are keeping our fingers crossed that no new construction begins.

Da Nang truly is a lovely city and we are grateful to be here. The truth is that cities don’t spring up by magic and I guess construction inconveniences are the price one pays.


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