A Morning in Uxmal

Uxmal is an ancient Maya city of the classical period located in present-day Mexico. It is considered one of the most important archaeological sites of Maya culture, along with Palenque, Chichen Itza and Calakmul in Mexico, Caracol and Xunantunich in Belize, and Tikal in Guatemala.

Uxmal is about one and a half hours drive from Merida. Today, cool and cloudy, was the perfect day for a visit.

I found Uxmal to be much less touristy than Chichen Itza, it’s also much smaller. Be prepared for walking and climbing some fairly challenging steps.

Uxmal is a beautiful place and a great uncomplicated way to spend a morning in the Yucatán. Thank you for reading our blog. Please reach out to us with any questions at boltraveling@gmail.com


!!!Vamos Leones!!!

In an exciting 7 game series Los Leones de Yucatán are the champions of the Mexican League.!!! It’s been an exciting year for Los Leones and Kathy and I are very grateful to have attended several games.

When we aren’t enjoying the game at Kukulcan Stadium we watch the games from home. The Leones have a special place in our hearts especially because first baseman, Art Charles, is from our birthplace of California. Art is an amazing player and a great young man. He broke a world record this season, hitting the longest recorded home run. He also was responsible for getting us some great seats!

Muchas Gracias y Felicidades a Los Leones de Yucatán!

Feliz Día de Independencia!

Today, September 16 (not May 5) is Mexican Independence Day. The celebrations began yesterday evening all over Mexico (and with Mexicans all over the world). We are so grateful to be in this beautiful country! For more information about the holiday, here’s a great article.


Foods of the Yucatán

Being from California, I thought I knew Mexican food. I love my spicy cheesy enchiladas, crispy tacos with cheese and soft savory tamales. Foods in the Yucatán are very different than what I grew up with and it took some getting used to. However, while I still miss my Cali-Mex favorites, I’ve come to love the foods of the Yucatán. Here are my personal favorites.

Panuchos (these crispy, bean stuffed tortillas are perfect for vegetarians)
Papazules (the closest I can get to an enchilada)
Huevos con Chaya (my favorite breakfast)

Have you tried Yucatecan food? Do you have a favorite? Here’s a great article with some tasty suggestions. We’d love to hear from you at boltraveling@gmail.com

Beautiful Campeche!

Campeche is one of the 31 states which make up the 32 Federal Entities of Mexico. Located about 2 hours from Merida, it’s a lovely drive. We enjoyed a day trip there and had a nice, relaxing time walking along the malecón and having a delicious lunch. I hope you enjoy these pictures from our day.

Mexico City Day 3/3

We visited the beautiful neighborhood of Coyoacán today. It was a lovely, quiet part of town. The Frida Kahlo Museum was truly the highlight of our visit. Frida and Diego lived there for many years. It was especially touching to see her art studio and the gardens are amazing!

Appointments are necessary for the museum so while we waited for our entry time we explored the neighborhood, including the breathtaking Italian Cultural Center and the whimsical exhibit there.

We go home to Merida in the morning. We have thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay in this fantastic city and will return soon.

Mexico City Day 2/3!

The Zocalo or Plaza de la Constitución is located in the heart of the Historic Center, in the first sector of the city. This square was the center of Tenochtitlan before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors and still remains the political and religious center, centuries after.

Today it is the big hub of the city and an events venue. The Zocalo is surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City, the National Palace, the Historic City Hall and the Government Building.

We got to visit today and and even see a performance of traditional Aztec dancers!

Mexico City in 3 Days! Day 1

We arrived in Mexico City today after a short flight from Merida. We are so excited to be here and explore this beautiful city. We are staying in the Roma Norte area. Today we just explored the area, ate churros and enjoyed the many dogs, before checking in to our Airbnb. Hope you enjoy these pictures. More tomorrow.

The Beautiful Yellow City of Izamal

About an hour’s drive from Merida is the lovely town of Izamal. It’s a great place to go for a day trip. There’s some great colonial architecture, a Mayan pyramid and a really good restaurant. The really cool thing about Izamal is that all of the buildings are painted a sunny golden yellow. I’m told that the buildings were painted in honor of Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1993. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my visit there.