Mexico City Day 2/3!

The Zocalo or Plaza de la Constitución is located in the heart of the Historic Center, in the first sector of the city. This square was the center of Tenochtitlan before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors and still remains the political and religious center, centuries after.

Today it is the big hub of the city and an events venue. The Zocalo is surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City, the National Palace, the Historic City Hall and the Government Building.

We got to visit today and and even see a performance of traditional Aztec dancers!

Mexico City in 3 Days! Day 1

We arrived in Mexico City today after a short flight from Merida. We are so excited to be here and explore this beautiful city. We are staying in the Roma Norte area. Today we just explored the area, ate churros and enjoyed the many dogs, before checking in to our Airbnb. Hope you enjoy these pictures. More tomorrow.

The Beautiful Yellow City of Izamal

About an hour’s drive from Merida is the lovely town of Izamal. It’s a great place to go for a day trip. There’s some great colonial architecture, a Mayan pyramid and a really good restaurant. The really cool thing about Izamal is that all of the buildings are painted a sunny golden yellow. I’m told that the buildings were painted in honor of Pope John Paul II’s visit in 1993. I hope you enjoy these pictures of my visit there.

The Cenotes of the Yucatan

When folks visit Merida my favorite thing to do is take them to some of the beautiful cenotes in the area. I hope you will enjoy these pictures from our most recent trip.

A Visit to Museo Maya

Friends visiting provide a great opportunity to visit places, where you live, that you haven’t visited before. Recently, a visit from our dear friend, April, led us to explore El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya (Mayan World Museum) of Mérida.

The Mayan people have a rich culture and a fascinating history. The exhibits were very interesting and the museum was curated beautifully. I hope you enjoy the pictures we took there.

Joyfully Colorful

Joyfully Colorful is a new kind of enterprise here in Merida. The theme is “Art for your Attitude” and it’s the love child of Kellie McRae, one of the beloved members of the community here. We went to the grand opening and are really excited about all the possibilities for creative activities. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about Joyfully Colorful in the near future. If you are in or visiting Merida, be sure to pay a visit.

Kellie McRae, proud owner

A Visit to Fatima

Fátima is a central Portuguese town that’s home to the Sanctuary of Fátima, a Catholic pilgrimage site.  While neither Kathy or I are Catholic, we were very moved by our visit.

There is a breathtaking basílica as well as many other religious buildings. Fátima was an easy bus ride from Lisbon and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there, walking through the little town and seeing the sights.

There is a glass enclosure marking the sight where Mary, mother of God, appeared in 1917 to three shepherd children.  The three children were Lúcia dos Santos and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto.

We were especially moved by all the people who were lighting candles. I did so and sent up my prayers for peace and healing in the world.

If you are visiting Lisbon, a day trip to Fátima is a lovely way to spend the day.

Leones de Yucatán!

We were blessed with tickets to a baseball game for our local team, Los Leones de Yucatán. Art Charles, one of the players, gave us amazing seats right behind home plate! These are the best seats I have ever sat in!

The game was very exciting and full of lots of family fun! There was the team mascot, cheerleaders and lots of between innings activities for the kids.

Rain storms are very common here and getting out of the rain in the first inning was part of the fun!

Of course, a big part of any baseball game is the food. It was a little different here in the Yucatan. No foot long hot dogs, ice cream or nachos. There were lots of marquecitas, sandwiches, empanadas, kibbis and my new favorite, piedras. Literally meaning stones, these treats are savory bites of breaded beans, served with a garlicky salsa. Deliciosas!

The game was won, in the ninth inning with amazing plays by Art Charles and Christian Adamo!

Win or lose, baseball games are wonderful fun!

To read more about Los Leones and baseball here in Merida check out this great article.