The Privilege

Ok. First let’s admit that the lifestyle we are embarking on is a true privilege. Most people are not able to leave their lives (jobs, family, friends, houses, cars, debts, etc.) to travel. Also globally, most people are not blessed with a passport that allows them to travel to most corners of the world. Marci and I have a lovely friend who is married to a lovely American who cannot come to the US because of where he is from. So let’s not get too far away from how lucky we (North Americans, Western Europeans, Australians, Koreans, Japanese, etc) are to be able to even consider this type of travel. I used to tell people that because we are so lucky to have this type of passport we should at least consider international travel. But BOLT is about inspiring like-minded people to travel in any manner, whether that is spending a month in Bahia or doing a four hour walk in San Francisco. Do remember how blessed you are to find the time and motivation to try.293 If you are fortunate enough to have the means to travel in relative freedom you should try to. Of course travel is not free but it does not have to be expensive. Marci and I have saved up for this trip but we are also traveling in such a manner as to not spend as much as we might had we called this a three week vacation. We are using coupons and credit card points to pay for some flights and some housing. We will exchange our talents for housing and may be a few coins. But mostly we will travel slowly. Very slowly. We expect to spend thirty days or more in each country. Less if we want or more if we fall in love. The next few posts will share some of the tricks and practices we are trying out.


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