Southeast Asia…Y’all Come!


Our time here in Chiang Mai, Thailand has come to a close.  Tomorrow night we board the overnight train to Bangkok and then fly into Vietnam.  We are loving Southeast Asia!  Really the only thing we miss is you all.  We would love visitors, especially to Malaysia or Thailand. We loved these countries so much we will return for longer stays.

Here is a very tentative sketch of our plans for 2016.  Maybe some of you will join us for a vacation, a honeymoon or even a longer stay.  Let us know, we would be happy to help you plan.
December 15  – January 15: Vietnam
January 15 – February 15: Laos and Cambodia
March 15 – April 15: Indonesia and the Philippines
April 15 – May 15: Malaysia
May 15 – June 15: Thailand and Myanmar
June 15 – August 15: China
August 15 – September 15: India
September 15 – November 1: The Middle East
November 1: Returning to the USA

If you’ve been following us on Facebook  ( and or reading this blog, you probably already know why we love it here.  Here are some highlights of the reasons you might seriously consider a visit to Southeast Asia.  We’d love to see you soon!









2 thoughts on “Southeast Asia…Y’all Come!

  1. You both look so rested and relaxed. I know you’re enjoying your visit to different countries. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year. Xoxo, Ellie


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