How we roll…

Boarding the Reunification Train, Vietnam

Deciding to live a life of ‘home free’ travel was a joyful but not easy choice to make.  We sold or gave away most of our possessions, including our house, cars, artwork, clothes and beloved dog, Nemo.


When Kathy said I had to get my belongings down to one carry on size suitcase and a small tote bag I thought “no way”.  I am someone who had so many clothes I broke closet rods. I had drawers full of trinkets and accessories.  But I wanted to travel more than I wanted things.  I confess, I kind of cheated in packing.  I used vacuum bags for my clothes and crammed my suitcase full. I bought the biggest tote bag I could find and stuffed it with toiletries, gadgets and other stuff I thought I had to have.  We finally agreed to take an additional  large suitcase on the cruise.


The past three months of travel have been an exercise in letting go of more and more stuff. The extra suitcase, full of clothes, shoes and gadgets were given away to the Lions club in The Philippines before we got off the ship.  The great big tote bag, again full of clothes was left at our first stop: Singapore.  It was just too big and bulky to carry and I still had too many clothes.


In Chiang Mai we made some purchases we thought were necessary  (a tea kettle, hot pot, some blankets and pillows).  It was a joy to give those things (as well as more clothes) away to the lady whose place we ate at most frequently.  She will be able to use them for her family and her mosque.

The big red bag at her feet is full of stuff we no longer need.

Today, I am traveling light. I have enough clothes to last a week, a minimum of toiletries and comfortable walking shoes.  I have my E Reader/tablet, my phone and not else.  I can lift everything on and off trains without help.  Most importantly, I am finding out exactly how unimportant most THINGS are.  I don’t miss any of the things I have given away.  I do miss my family, friends and 12 step fellows but I always will have room for them  (YOU) in my heart.


5 thoughts on “How we roll…

  1. I admire your courage that allows you to follow your dreams.

    Do you have any plans to return to the States anytime soon or at all?


  2. You two are AMAZING! Thank you for allowing the sneak peeks into your experiences, I’m certain it hardly captures the true feeling of freedom that has come with letting go and following your heart. Love you both!


  3. Your spirit of generosity is what makes you guys so great.. the reason why happiness and favor follow you. Give and it shall be given. Good measure pressed down and running over shall men pour into your bosom…. I love you both.


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