Traveling with Technology, Part 2

Feeling really pooped after a full day of walking around Hanoi, Vietnam but wanted to keep my commitment to share a little more on how technology really makes travel a lot easier for these 2 black old lesbians.


Traveling from unknown city to unknown city we rely heavily on sites like and Trip Advisor to select hotels that are affordable, well located and acceptable to our standards.  Carefully reading not just the description provided by the hotel but the reviews of actual guests is key.
We, then, in turn submit our reviews after our stays.


I also try to review any places (museums, temples restaurants ) we visit.  I am proud to say I am proud to say that I am a “senior contributer” on Trip Advisor and that over 5000 people have read my reviews.


Well, as I said, I’m pooped!  Traveling is hard work. So, goodbye for now. More on techie travel next week.

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