Traveling with Technology Part 3: Managing our Money

The BOLT motto is that we travel fearlessly, serendipitously and pennilessly.   We know the penniless thing is an exaggeration but we are committed to traveling as inexpensively as comfortably possible.  Our monthly budget is actually less than it would be to continue living in Los Angeles.  If we want to continue our home free, world traveling life style we really have to spend wisely and carefully.


There are several websites and apps that help us stay within our means.  The one I most appreciate is Monefy.  Every evening we sit down together and enter all that we spent during the day.  It really helps to see how much we have left for the month and where are money is going.  This is a great app even when not traveling.


We also search the Internet, a lot, for free and inexpensive things to in whatever city we are in.  Wiki Travel is a great help with this.


Another great app is Travel Calc.  Figuring out various currencies and how they compare to the U.S. dollar is very challenging for me.  This app does it in seconds.  Of course,  it’s free!

As two mature women we are not willing to travel as cheaply as say a 20 year old backpacker can.  We want a private room and bathroom for instance. But we are willing to make other sacrifices to stay within our limited budget.  Walking a lot or using public transportation is another way to save.  Google Maps is pretty reliable for walking, bus and local train directions.


These are some of apps and sites that help us. I personally find the world wide web amazing and love finding new, free ways to improve our lives and our travel adventures.


2 thoughts on “Traveling with Technology Part 3: Managing our Money

  1. Kathy and Marci I really want to know your tips for keeping your money SAFE as well as your belongings. Do you keep all of your cash on your body in money belts? Are there safes at the places you stay? Do you leave all your stuff in your room when you go out for the day? Are you using Travelers Checks? What is your plan if your money is stolen or you lose it?


    1. Hey Vicki, no travelers checks. Credit cards, ATM cards, and local cash. Plus an emergency stash of USD. We carry a credit card and bank card each have and some cash. The rest we hide among our belongings most of which stays in our room. Using bank cards and credit cards actually helps us in case of lost be use we can cancel them fairly easily. Also carry two types of credit cards ie visa and American an express helps in case one is locked or not accepted although several places we stay don’t the cards. Then it is run to the ATM. Thanks for reading and engaging.


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