Travel with Balls…A Simple Yet Great Idea!

Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Jan and William Zoochie have a great idea.  Wherever you go…travel with balls. There are two things you are pretty much assured of seeing when you travel: children and balls.  Balls are a kind of universal language. They help you make friends everywhere you go.


Balls can be inexpensively purchased at local stores, giving a small boost to the economy. They can then be given away to local children or teens, giving an enormous boost to the spirt.  Share a picture or video of this on the TWB Facebook page.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

BOLT tries to remember to travel with balls, everywhere we go.  We are currently in the People’s Republic of China, without much internet access (this post has been pre-loaded). However, I’m sure we will have access to balls and children.  We look forward to sharing our pictures and stories with you soon.



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