The Case for Chiang Mai


I was going to write this post a couple of weeks ago.  The current climate in the states is one of political insanity,  divisiveness, extreme gun violence, police brutality and murder.  Many friends have shared with me their concerns and even fears about continuing to live in the U.S.  I was going to write all about what a great place Chiang Mai, Thailand is for emigrating.  Then a series of bombings occurred in Thailand.  True, the bombings were in the far south and Chiang Mai is in Northern Thailand, but still bombs exploded, people were injured, someone died!  I came face to face with the reality that nowhere is 100% safe.  But I  still believe Thailand and particularly Chiang Mai are great places to look at if you are considering leaving the states.  Here are some reasons why:

Chiang Mai is affordable.  Our studio apartment rents for $240 a month. This includes security, a pool and wifi.


Chiang Mai is a very safe city. Violent crime is almost non-existent. We walk all over the city, evenings, with no concern.

There is excellent medical and dental care here, at very low cost. I recently had a dental cleaning and check up in a state of the art office by an American educated dentist.  The cost? $15!

Chiang Mai is a very modern city, with old world charm.  The stores have anything you want or need,  internet quality is excellent, we see first run movies all the time.  There are beautiful ancient sights and historic buildings as well.



Chiang Mai has an international airport.  We can go anywhere in the world starting from there.

Chiang Mai has a great 12 Step Recovery community.  There are meetings available ever day!

Thailand has a great plan for retirement and there are many immigrants in Chiang Mai from all over the world.

Chiang Mai and all of Thailand has people who are kind, helpful and friendly.  There’s a reason Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles”.


So, if life in the states gets to be too much, please consider Chiang Mai, Thailand.  While we’ve not moved here permanently, it’s definitely high on our list.

How about you?  Are you considering immigration?  What countries are you considering? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


7 thoughts on “The Case for Chiang Mai

    1. Didn’t know about the highest number. Just know we and our friends love it here. Wish we were going to be here during your visit, but going to US for the holidays. Enjoy


  1. Great blog post! I shared it in my FB group – Black Americans Retire Abroad, and one of the members wondered why you didn’t decide to stay in Chiang Mai permanently & what other places were on your list?


    1. We are still on our adventure of traveling the world. We used Chiang Mai as our home base for seeing Southeast Asia and are going home for a year long RV trip through North America to see the National Parks. But so far our choice for retirement is definitely Chiang Mai. We do plan to checkout some Latin American places over the next year or so like Costa Rica and Panama. But at this moment Chiang Mai is our first choice. Headed to FaceBook to join page. Thanks for the comment and link.


      1. Wow! That’s really cool! Thanks for responding & I’m excited for your future adventures. I’ll head over to the group now to approve your membership. Please feel free to share as much about your journey in the group as you’d like. Continued safe travels!

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