Retired! Celebrating One Year!

On September 1, 2015 I stopped working. I had been at the same job (medical office manager) for over 32 years.  My very wise mother-in-law, Ms Mary, said “Remember, retirement is not an activity.”  She was concerned that I would be challenged by living a life that did not involve at least 8 hours, 5 days a week of work routine. 

Much of this first year of retirement has been taken up with travel and sightseeing.  However, because we choose to travel slowly and stay in one place for long periods I have found lots of time to ponder Ms Mary’s wisdom. Retirement is this great opportunity to find out what really matters to you, what you truly enjoy and for trying new things. 

I discovered, after years of being an “early bird” how much I enjoy lazy mornings, coffee in bed and not leaving home until noon!  I’ve reconnected with an old love, jewelry making, and found a new passion Pokémon Go!

Kathy has always loved computer gaming.  Retirement allows lots of time for her to enjoy new and old games.  We both love to read and delight in plenty of time for this passion.

We have lots of time for relaxing, television watching, etc but retirement has taught us the importance of getting outside every day, of moving our bodies and appreciating nature.

Another blessing of retired life is the time it affords for my spiritual practice.  More time for silence, chanting, prayer, inspirational reading and for meditation. I have found a great website Insight Timer. It has greatly improved my meditation practice.  Every time I finish a meditation session, it tells me how many other people on the site are meditating. This morning I meditated with 2203 people all over the world! There is a sharing and friends option, so I now have meditating friends on 5 continents.

So, in closing, I just want to say how very grateful I am for this retired life. I am very aware that it is a profound privilege that many people never get to enjoy. I am dedicating this post to the memory of another wise and wonderful mother-in-law, Etta Matt.  She passed away at age 53, getting ready for her work day at the Motorola Factory. 

How about you? If retired, what do you enjoy or are challenged by?  If still working, what are your retirement plans?  As always we welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. 


8 thoughts on “Retired! Celebrating One Year!

  1. I have been shy to read your posts, though so excited by the reality of BOLT. I’ve expressed to my partner how cool it would be to sit and have coffee with you two. Today, I read your full post, In it were reminders that I needed. Thank you!


    1. We would be delighted. We should make a plan to get together. Marci and I will be in the US in October to begin another part of our Round the World adventure. If you are in the US next year we will meet up sometime. Thank you for your komd words.


  2. Found your blog through the Facebook group! We decided to slow travel over 3 years ago and we are still loving it. It took me a long time to decompress from the working world and we love doing the same things as you, sleeping late, traveling, cooking and for him soccer, me..reading and internet. We plan to keep on traveling and blogging. Happy travels to you!


    1. We have loved every moment of it. Travel has brought us closer and has given us other unexpected gifts like sharing the worlds largest water fight with our neighbors in Thailand. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am own my way to your blog.


  3. HI! Found your blog on the Black Americans Retire Abroad FB page! I enjoyed reading it and look forward to following you all! Enjoy your lives to their fullest! That is the goal of my partner and I, as well … we are not of retirement age, but are diligently doing our research so that we may have the best possible lives in the future!


    1. The best thing we did to foster our retirement goals was discuss them regularly and stay checked in with each other as the years rolled toward our last days of work. The time passed quickly as we stacked our dollars away. Then one morning Marci didn’t dress for work and a few days later we boarded a ship bound for Singapore.
      Take care of your dreams and each other. Prepare for the life you want and know that when we live our dreams we honor all who have come before and we inspire those who will follow.
      Thank you for your kind words. Be well. Travel far.


      1. Thank you so much for your reply! You all have become such an inspiration for me! I do have a question for you .. how do you manage/handle any family (children, grand children, sisters, brothers, etc…) that you may still have in the US? Do you find yourselves missing them alot?? Be well!


      2. We do miss family. As a matter of fact we are on our way back to the US to spend the holidays and drive North America visiting the National Parks.
        The truth about family is they want the best for you… most of the time, and they each are on their own path. We travlers today are fortunate that we have FaceBook and Instagram etc, so we can be in constant touch. Marci checks FaceBook at least 4 times a week so we can stay in touch with everyone. We post photos and the initial purpose of this blog was to inspire our friends to travel more and join us. Luckily a few have joined us.
        Don’t stop working toward your goal. Our family is fine and will be happier to see us because of our absence.
        The doubts will come. Truth is everytime we get on a plane I get a little nervous. I was quite frightened when we left for this trip. I had convinced myself we would miss our family or our monthly chat group or our card game and we did. But not enough. This adventure is just better.
        Please don’t let doubts scare you off. You will not regret travel. Feel free to ask anything. That is what this blog is for. Thank you for engaging.
        Be well.


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