Lesbianas Negro Viejo en Loreto 

We are about halfway in our travels down the Baja California, Mexico peninsula.  We are loving every minute of it and have found another great spot: Loreto!  Loreto is just enough for BOLT…just big enough (a bank, supermarket, hospital and pharmacy); just touristy enough (RV parks, museums, restaurants and beautiful artisan articles for sale) and just small enough  (Kathy and I can walk the whole town in about an hour).

Moreover, Loreto is exquisitely beautiful.  Check out the sunrise we witnessed just outside our Minnie Winnie RV’s door one recent morning. We have found folks to be extremely friendly and helpful here as well. The sunrise picture was taken from the yard of a private home, right on the beach.  The owner was kind enough to let us stay there for three nights, completely free!  Try that out on Highway 1 in the Malibu, California area.

There is a lot of history in and around Loreto too.  About an hour outside of town is Mission San Francisco Javier.  Over 300 years old the mission is surrounded by beautiful grounds and a lovely one street town. We arrived there late in the day and the local police directed us to a space, right outside the mission, where we were able to spend the night! 

Our current RV spot is just two blocks from Loreto Centro.  The first mission built on Baja California is there.  Of special interest to BOLT was this fabulous picture of legendary Queen Calafia, for whom all of California is named. It was great to have an opportunity to pay homage to this fierce sister and to share her with all of you! 

We intend to continue our Baja adventures for at least another month.  We’d love to hear from you with suggestions, questions or comments. Until next time…Mucho Amor!


4 thoughts on “Lesbianas Negro Viejo en Loreto 

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the painting of Calafia. I had no idea about the history of the name. The world sits on women’s shoulders!


    1. You said it all. We knew she was a woman. We were surprised she was a Black woman. Her story is interesting too. Thank you for commenting. Be well.


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