Sueños Trabajaron Durante (Dreams Worked For)

On our walk today we met Abel.  Abel had a dream.  He worked hard all his life and almost four years ago his dream came true.  Abel opened the first hostal (hostel) in Loreto.  Casas Loreto is just a few steps from the first mission of California and right next to the mission museum. It is just a short  (and lovely) walk to the beach. Centrally located, there are lots of stores and restaurants, and there is often something happening in the zocallo (town square).

Abel was welcoming and charming, inviting us in and sharing his pride and joy in the realization of his dream. 

There are 7 lovely, spacious and immaculate  rooms available, including one suite and a special “honeymoon” room (very private). The rates are affordable  (about 750 pesos/$40 a night for two people).

There is a communal kitchen area where guests can prepare their own meals.

The common area is beautiful and inviting.  Abel shared with us how hard he worked for his dream to come true.  We know how true that is.

Kathy and I had a dream too, to build a life of love, service and travel. Like Abel, we worked hard.  Today, we are living the dream. Right now, we are loving life in Loreto. We are staying 2 blocks from the beach. Every day we take wonderful walks, meet interesting people and enjoy being Black Old Lesbians Traveling. 

What’s your dream?  What work are you willing to do?  We’d love to hear from you! 


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