?Paz? BOLT En La Paz

We are back in La Paz, the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.  It has a big city feel, lots of traffic, noise, big chain stores and smog.  It’s a great city for shopping and auto repair, which are reasons we are here. La Paz has the closest Fed Ex office, which is another reason we are here.  What La Paz doesn’t have, in my opinion, is a lot of paz (peace).

But finding peace is a lot about intention and attitude. La Paz has a beautiful malecon  (beach walkway).  Kathy and I enjoyed a lovely and peaceful day there. 

While I did enjoy the malecon, the most peace we have found in La Paz is the RV park we are staying at.  Campestre Maranatha is approximately an acre of lovely dessert landscaping, dormitories, small casitas, and a coffee shop.  

There is a lovely pool and well maintained basketball, volleyball and pickle ball courts.  You can even play tether ball here!  It’s a great spot for RVs with full hook ups  (electricity, water and sewage) and really good wifi.

Campestre Maranatha hosts lots of groups.  During our first visit there was a large church group here to celebrate Easter.  It was really wonderful to see all the children, teens and parents enjoying the camp. We woke every morning to their singing beautiful worship songs in Spanish.  This time there is a youth group from Redding, California. They are having a ball!  Young people and their joy bring me peace.

I am really grateful we found this place of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of La Paz.  Peace is something that has been on my mind and in my prayers a lot lately. I trust BOLT will continue to find such places as long as we are willing to seek them.

As always, thanks for reading this blog.  We’d love to hear from you. 


4 thoughts on “?Paz? BOLT En La Paz

      1. Ohw that sounds fun,.. I was just curious… But hee, you could always visit Suriname, the World’s best kept secret and my home country…lol. It’s Africa, Asia, and the Americas combined, very unique! Just check out this doc in case you’ve never heard of us..:-)


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