Baja California, Mexico:  !Un Gran Lugar para RVs!

Our decision to travel through Mexico was met with a mix of concern, fear, cautionary tales and some support. A fellow RVer (in the U.S.) commented to me that she would “never take her RV across the border”.  As always, we believe in going and seeing for ourselves. Our Baja experience has been wonderful, a magnificent adventure, and delightfully serendipitous . In addition we have found Baja to be a particular boon for Winnie, our 1995 Winnebago Class C RV. 

Winnie is an oldie but a goodie.  Being an old RV meant an excellent purchase  price. It also meant the expectation of necessary repairs.  We had several costly mechanic visits while in the states. Here in Mexico we have had several too, but none have been costly.
Here is a list of the things we have had done in Baja along with the approximate cost.  Each repair was done extremely well and fairly quickly. If you are interested you can Google to get an estimate for similar repairs in your area.

Diagnostic and fix of the RV “house” battery $5

Generator Repair $50

Step Repair  $20

Refrigerator Repair Attempt (it is still not perfectly fixed but theydid a lot of work) $150

Oil Change, Brake Inspection, Lube Job $60

We also had beautiful kitchen cabinets made (the originals had been ruined when a pipe burst) $100

My Spanish is getting really good and I have learned lots of car related words in the process. We are really glad we came to Baja and definitely plan on visiting more of Mexico Soon.


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