Lotus Blessings

It’s a rare occasion when I don’t have my phone, ready to take pictures and document our experiences. Yesterday morning was such a time and what a wonderful experience it was! Kathy and I were honored to take part in a traditional Buddhist ceremony, held in the Inthakin Temple.

Holding lotus flowers out to the Buddha we asked for health, well being, and blessings for the coming year. We asked, not just for ourselves, but for the community we are blessed to be a part of and for our family. We did this beside our dear daughter of the heart, Wanvisa, as her parents could not attend.

We then got to sit before the monk as he chanted his blessings for us and sprinkled us with water infused with lotus petals.

The next part of the ceremony was funny and inspiring too. Knowing I will be in a play, I got a special gold leaf blessing on my forehead. I was told to imagine all the applause I will get and being a shining star. I found this picture of the ceremony and of gold leaf (which I had never seen before).

When everyone in the temple had been blessed by the monk we went outside. For me, it was like a baptism. A pot, filled with water and lotus petals, was poured over my head as the monk chanted and gave me even more blessings.

Even though we have no actual pictures from our morning experience, it was special enough that I want to share it with you. You are part of our community and are included in our blessings.

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