Beauty in the Struggle!

Today I visited the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum. Established by the Equal Justice Initiative, these sites are dedicated to telling the ugly and painful history of the United States: from slavery to mass incarceration.

As I walked through the memorial and the rows and rows of pillars marking the Southern counties where over 4,000 lynchings occured I was holding back the tears.

The memorial’s sculptures and grounds are amazing works of art but the ugliness they portray made it hard to see any beauty.

I was saddened and angered by the individual and collective stories told.

No pictures are allowed inside the museum where artfully conceived exhibits further describe the horrors of slavery, segregation, lynching and the ongoing brutality today, especially in the racist criminal justice system.

The statistics are overwhelming…one in three black boys born will end up in prison!

For years, I’ve posted #findbeautyeveryday pictures daily. I was thinking about skipping it today. But then I remembered how we have persevered and how much beauty there is in the struggle.

I leave you with this art piece, representing the strong sisters of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I encourage everyone to visit Montgomery and the many sites of civil rights history here, especially
the National Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum.


3 thoughts on “Beauty in the Struggle!

  1. A poignant, and yes, beautiful account Marci of your experience of the memorial and museum. Thank-you.
    Wasn’t Lecia instrumental in the creation of the museum and civil rights walk around Montgomery?
    That visit has been on my bucket list since it’s inception. Almost made it there a few times. Now that I have the RV maybe I can plan a trip around it.
    I’m enjoying corresponding with Patt and sharing our adventures and our learning curves with our new rigs.
    Love y blessings, Pierce


    1. Hi Sandy, How are you? At this time BOLT doesn’t have a mailing list, per se. Through WordPress you can elect to “follow” us and you will receive an email notification each time we post a BLOG (about once a week). We really appreciate your interest and support. Be well,
      Marci and Kathy


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