Arts and Live Entertainment in Chiang Mai

One more thing to love about Chiang Mai is the wide variety of options for live entertainment. I recently attended a great evening of dance at the Woke Folks Festival. This four day festival is still happening now. Don’t miss it!

Krump Dancer KSee Battles at Woke Folks Festival
Traditional Dancers at Woke Folks Festival

BOLT’s favorite spot for a night out is Corner Bistro. We frequently go for Trivia Night and Friday’s Fries and Hip Hop are very popular. We recently attended Nubian Speakin’s Show Me Sunday.

This event was a truly amazing evening of comedy, spoken word and song! The best thing is that this fabulous event happens twice a month!

The Fabulous Nubian Speakin

Corner Bistro Owner, Kevin, Always a Wonderful Host

The Incomparable Comedian and Story Teller, Jazzie Mas

There is also a wonderful jazz scene in Chiang Mai. The last king was a jazz aficionado and you can always find first class live jazz right here in the city. I especially like the sounds at North Gate.

North Gate Jazz Co Op

If you prefer a more traditional type of entertainment you can experience Lanna style dance and music at a Khantoke Dinner at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center. There are also many venues where you can enjoy European classical music.

Lanna Dancers at Woke Folks Festival

So, whether visiting or living in Chiang Mai be sure to check out the many opportunities for some great entertainment. Chiang Mai City Life magazine or Facebook are always full of up to the minute entertainment news. Go ahead and life that Chiang Mai life!

Songstress Kiora accompanied by Idris at Corner Bistro
Flamenco! At Woke Folks Festival

2 thoughts on “Arts and Live Entertainment in Chiang Mai

  1. Greetings from USA
    Thanks for sharing Chang Mai , I had the pleasure of visiting there for a few weeks in 2015 ! Always said I would come back and spend more time – so many wonderful places to visit !
    Aida(Alice) told me about y’all ! I met her at a dear friends 60th birthday party ! Be well, have fun & safe travels
    ✌️ &💜 francine


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