Be Happy Now, Simple Buddhist Teachings on YouTube

What many of you may not know is that Kathy, my beloved wife and BOLT co-founder, is also an ordained Zen Buddhist Priest and Dharma teacher.

International Buddhist Meditation Center (IBMC)

Kathy was trained in Vietnamese Zen Buddhist practices. She spent 15 year living and learning at the International Buddhist Meditation Center in the heart of Los Angeles.

Reverend Karuna Dharma

Kathy’s teacher, the venerable Karuna Dharma, was a renown Buddhist scholar and the first American born woman to become a Buddhist nun . She gave Kathy the name Abhya Hanasi Karuna. It means Fearless Laughter Compassion. I think it suits her.

Kathy’s YouTube Channel

During this time of global pandemic Kathy is truly living up to her name. She is creating YouTube videos in which she shares about Buddhism with simplicity and humor. You can watch one of her great videos here.

Please visit her YouTube page and like, subscribe and share. You’ll be so glad you did!


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