It’s been 5 years since Kathy and I left Los Angeles for a life of home free travel. We set out from Seattle, Washington for a 30 day cruise to Southeast Asia.

Seattle, Washington to Singapore in 30 days
Honolulu, Hawaii

The cruise was a great opportunity for relaxing and celebrating our retirement. There were lot of great stops and activities aboard the ship. Since cruising won’t be in our near future, I’m grateful we got to do this one!

Cruise Memories

Disembarking in Singapore everything changed! No longer were we catered to, fed and under the care of the Holland America Cruise Line. We had to make our own travel arrangements, shop for food and plan activities and accomodations. We were excited to do so. Our first year we explored Southeast Asia by visiting many of our dream destinations and staying at each for one to three months. The pictures below are some of my favorites of that first year, in no particular order.

Singapore Botanical Gardens
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Mud, a play about the history of KL)
Borudobor, Indonesia
Yi Peng Lantern Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Hanoi, Vietnam
Hangzhou, China
Beijing, China
Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ferry to Georgetown, Malaysia
Ogoh Ogoh Festival, Ubud, Bali
Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Train Travel Throughout Indonesia
Sultan’s Palace Yogakarta, Indonesia
Permuteran, Indonesia
I loved these ladies in the markets of Ubud, Bali!
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Floating Market Bangkok, Thailand
I made a friend in the floating markets of Bangkok, Thailand!
We used lots of public transportation and loved it!
We discovered that animal tourism is just not for us. Tiger Kingdom Chiang Mai, Thailand
One of the highlights of our first year was a visit from our bestie! The Great Wall of China
We visited so many amazing places and festivals. This one honored Lord Murajam just outside of KL, Malaysia
We visited places I’d never heard of like the ancient clan jetties of Georgetown, Malaysia.
We made new friends and met interesting people like these students at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
Most of all we grew in our love for one another and for travel!

After a bit more than a year in Southeast Asia we decided to return home to celebrate the election of our first female president. While that didn’t happen (SMDH) we did fulfill another dream and purchase our RV. My next blog will be about our year of travel in Winnie.


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