Walking Tour of Merida

This past Monday we met up with a few other folks and enjoyed a walking tour of central Merida. The guide was well informed and shared lots of little tidbits about the history of this ancient city.

Our Guide, Fernando

Merida is a really beautiful city and we had lots of opportunities to take beautiful pictures.

I would highly recommend one of these tours. Visit the website to book it for Merida and several other Mexican cities.


3 thoughts on “Walking Tour of Merida

  1. Hi Marci!

    I hope I can get word to you by replying to this email. I have tried a couple of times through the blog but haven’t heard back so I’m not sure if I am doing it correctly. Also I have been going by Pierce for a long time and don’t know if you know me by that name. So maybe you saw something from Pierce and didn’t know who that was.

    Anyway, I’ll be in Mexico In November and would love to get some advice from you.




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