Bolt: Residents of Mexico

Congratulations to us! We are now official residents of Mexico. We have our green cards and can come in and out as we please. We no longer have to get tourist visas to enter. At this time we have a 4 year temporary residency. We intend to apply for permanent residency at the end of those 4 years.

This is the program that we were qualified under.

If you are not in Mexico you can apply for residency at any Mexican Consulate but the process is much more complicated (but still doable).

It was very helpful to have Vikki and Carlos of Mexican Expat Services assist us, every step of the way. If you have questions or are interested in applying for Mexican residency, they can help. Contact them through WhatsApp at +52 999 112 4795. They also have a wonderful Facebook page .

It gives us a lot of peace of mind to have residency. We are very happy in our Mexican home!


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