Leones de Yucatán!

We were blessed with tickets to a baseball game for our local team, Los Leones de Yucatán. Art Charles, one of the players, gave us amazing seats right behind home plate! These are the best seats I have ever sat in!

The game was very exciting and full of lots of family fun! There was the team mascot, cheerleaders and lots of between innings activities for the kids.

Rain storms are very common here and getting out of the rain in the first inning was part of the fun!

Of course, a big part of any baseball game is the food. It was a little different here in the Yucatan. No foot long hot dogs, ice cream or nachos. There were lots of marquecitas, sandwiches, empanadas, kibbis and my new favorite, piedras. Literally meaning stones, these treats are savory bites of breaded beans, served with a garlicky salsa. Deliciosas!

The game was won, in the ninth inning with amazing plays by Art Charles and Christian Adamo!

Win or lose, baseball games are wonderful fun!

To read more about Los Leones and baseball here in Merida check out this great article.


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