America is Beautiful…Still

Kathy and I are still reeling from the election results. We and many we love are suffering, concerned, confused, devastated and angry. Our first thought upon hearing that Donald “Grab em by the pussy” Trump is the president elect was to catch the fastest thing smoking back to Thailand. We planned our year of RV travel through North America sure that Hilary Clinton would be our first woman president.  But the RV had been purchased and was road ready, friends and family were expecting us. So, after much discussion and soul searching, we decided to stick with our plan. 

We left on Thursday, 2 days after the election. I have tried, every day, to find something uplifting, something positive, something beautiful.  We traveled from Montgomery, Alabama and yesterday arrived in Los Angeles, California.  Over and over, I was reminded America is beautiful, still!

From the beautiful lakes, forests, deserts and plains…America is beautiful, still.  From the beautiful families and friendly people we met at every stop…America is beautiful, still.  BOLT is America,  YOU are America and in spite of the current climate of hate, intolerance and madness…America is beautiful still!

What are some of your examples of the beauty that is still America?  We’d love to hear from you!


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