Nia…The Gathering 

For 30 years black same gender loving women have had a safe place to come together. The holidays can be a difficult period for queer folk. 30 years ago this was even more so.

The Nia Gathering was traditionally held the weekend before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Many of us were not able to celebrate the holidays being fully ourselves. Maybe we couldn’t bring our partners home, maybe we had to endure questions about when we would find a good man. Some of us had been rejected by our families and had no place to go.

While, for many, this is no longer the case, the Nia Gathering continues to provide a safe, loving, affirming and sacred space for us to celebrate all of who we are:




Differently Abled








Newly Out

Old School 


At the idyllic setting of Walker Creek Ranch in Petaluma, California we come together for workshops, speakers, shopping, ceremony, nature walks, delicious meals, and lots of hugs. 

This year Nia faced a crisis. There was a very real possibility that this would be our last Nia. We met, stratigized, formed committes and donated. I am so happy to share that the Nia Gathering will happen again in 2017. If you are a Black Lesbian I hope to see you there.  If you are not, I sincerely hope that you find a space where you can be all of who you fabulously are!

For more information about the Nia Gathering please visit


5 thoughts on “Nia…The Gathering 

  1. My first visit to NIA Gathering and my heart is still full. What an amazing event for us Black lesbians to simply be. I commit to make myself available in any needed capacity to insure NIA continues for those who come after us. Thank you to all of you who founded and kept her going all these years. May God bless you solidly and forever.


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