BOLT en Mexico: Semana Dos

Our second week in Mexico has been one of great beauty, small inconveniences and lots of kindness. I’m writing while sitting at the laundromat in Guerrero Negro.  4 loads of laundry will take about 5 hours because while there were 4 washing machines there is only one working dryer.  But that’s giving me a chance to visit with my new friend, Osiris.

Osiris is 13 and when she’s not in school she helps her mom at the laundromat. She is very helpful and smart. We talked about our plans to visit Los Cabos and she shared with me how beautiful they are.  She is also really interested in life in Los Angeles. I did my best to answer her questions in my limited Spanish. 

Guerrero Negro is a really cool little town.  We had to return here because our travels south revealed no working ATMs or gas stations that accept credit cards for almost 200 miles. Rather than chance running out of money we came back here for banking and gas.

But look where we came back from! The little town of San Ignacio was like a step back in time. A beautiful church, lovely town square and quaint shops…no internet, banks, ATMs, etc but we definitely want to return for a longer visit, next time with plenty of cash.  We won’t assume or take for granted ATMs again. 

Before returning to Guerrero Negro we spent the night, just outside San Ignacio, at this lovely RV park.  We were parked right on the river and woke to all sorts of birds. There were horses running free all over the area. Another place on our definite return to list.

Another little inconvenience that turned into a blessing this week was our generator broke down.  We visited 3 repair spots and were told 3 times that it couldn’t be fixed. One kind mechanic actually fixed another problem before sending us on our way.  In the small town of Vizcaino there is a hotel and RV park.  We decided to stay there for the night. I told the manager about our generator problem. She got on the phone, called a friend and he actually came to us. The next day our generator was as good as new. If you are ever in Vizcaino, I highly recommend Hotel Kadekaman. Beautiful surroundings, great hot showers and wonderful management! 

BOLT loves serendipitous travel. Today Kathy noticed what looked like a small village on the outskirts of Guerrero Negro. Colorful houses topped with lots of crosses caught her eye so we drove towards them. Turned out to be the Guerrero Negro cemetery.  It’s very different from anything I’ve ever seen. There were really fancy houses as final resting places as well as completely humble graves. It was amazingly peaceful and touching to see how folks chose to honor their departed loved ones. 

So, that’s our week.  Thanks for letting me share it with you. We are still moving slowly south down beautiful Baja, hoping for whales soon and whatever adventures come our way. Have questions, comments, suggestions? We love hearing from you. Comment here or write us at

One thought on “BOLT en Mexico: Semana Dos

  1. I love visiting cemeteries in different countries. So interesting. Sounds like a wonderful time. I’m glad you got the generator fixed! Joanne


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