Las Ballenas!

When I think about whale watching in the United States I think of a big boat, high above the water with at least 100 other people aboard. I remember getting terribly sea sick and not seeing one whale! Whale watching in Baja California, Mexico was an entirely different experience. Our little boat had a maximum capacity of 10 people. We sat right on the water close enough to trail our fingers in it if we wanted. We didn’t, because the waters were full of blue jellyfish.

I was still leary of sea sickness so we waited for a really calm day. We set out from the pier at Laguna Ojo de Liebre. This is one of only three places in the world where grey whales come to have their babies! You could see them spouting from our campsite so we knew we were sure to see them up close and personal.

We certainly did! Hundreds of whales were in the laguna that day. They say the whales are very curious and like to show off their babies. Our captain took us out about half a mile and then killed the motor. As we sat, the whales came closer and closer. Enormous whales, longer and bigger than the boat, came with their babies. Several went directly under the boat. One even bumped us!

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