Ready for Mexico, Again! 

Our time here in Southern California is coming to an end. We’ve enjoyed wonderful visits with family and friends. Now it time to hit the road on another adventure in our 1995 “Minnie Winnie” class C Winnebago RV.

We’ve decided to visit Mexico again with the intention of staying a year. We will start of visit in Baja and are looking forward to revisiting some of our favorite places and discovering some new spots. Of great help has been the newly updated book 
Camping Mexico’s Baja by Mike and Terri Church. 

RVing in Baja was great, lots of beautiful beaches, historic towns and kind people. We’d love visitors, please follow us and join us as we travel slowly south. Just let us know if you are thinking of coming:

We are also seriously considering traveling from Baja (by ferry) over to mainland Mexico. There are several regions we are really hoping to visit on the mainland.  Mexico has been consistently named one of the best countries for retirement.  We’d love hearing about any experience or suggestions you may have about the mainland. 

We really appreciate all the comments and support we receive on this blog. Kathy and I are so full of gratitude for our lives of love, service and travel! 


6 thoughts on “Ready for Mexico, Again! 

  1. Have a great year! My ex’s mom and guy live in Bahia de Kino which is probably accessible by ferry from Baja…otherwise accessible by RV via Arizona. They are gringos and her mom is fluent in Spanish (guy is probably a lot better now). They sold their home in New Mexico and used the money to build a beach home with two rental (income) studios attached. They started a corporation in order to “own” the property (and pass it on) since Mexico has the 100 lease rule (or something like that). Her guy is a retired architect and mom graphic designer with many skills. So, they were able to design a lot of the home and then use Mexican crews for the build out. Her Spanish skills and Peace Corp sensibilities helped them become a part of the local community versus being gringos who retire and drink all day/night and only hang out with each other. They also leave all of August I believe to escape the heat/bugs…If any of that helps. I know you two would become a part of the local community if you chose to retire there.


    1. Wow that sounds lovely. How brave they are to sell everything and move to place where they could put their talents to work on building the home and life they wanted.


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