We enjoy the best days of our lives because of the past struggles of our ancestors


Since we’ve been traveling Marci and I have discovered that our entire lives are actually prayers to the ancestors. Mostly prayers of gratitude. It is the knowledge that without those black survivors we would not be here in this place. Where ever this place may be. Without them we would not have the wherewithal to live lives of

Once we began living our dream, we discovered we owe it all to someone other than ourselves. Sure we sold our things and actually got on the road. But none of this is possible without my mother who worked as a cashier at a grocery store and sent two of her three children to college. Or Marci’s mom Muriel who lived and died a communist and socialist, who worked in a finance office, a place that was the antithesis of what she believed in. To them we are of course grateful.

But it is the innumerable others. Women and men who live and died knowing their dreams would not come true in their lifetimes. The ones who knew vicerally that one day in a distant future their children’s children would have choices and freedoms unknown before.  We are most grateful for them.

I read somewhere that the pyramids were fb_img_1447468473552.jpgbuilt over generations. Those who began the project never saw the end result. So to begin something like that takes a different level of faith. A faith that someone will carry on the work. A faith that what is being created is worth the effort of generations. Dreams are like that. They need faith and constant tending even in the face of death.

With faith that our every moment is witnessed by them. We say thank you to our ancestors, with whose faith we have achieved our dreams.

To whom do you owe more than you realized? Tell us about your ancestors and parents. Drop us a comment. Thanks.

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