Boundlessly Homeward


In one week Marci and I will board a plane for a twenty-four hour flight back to the US. We haven’t been home in a year. As a matter of fact, we celebrated our one year on the road anniversary two weeks ago. We haven’t really yearned to return to the States. We of course look forward to seeing our family and friends but we dread the “noise” of the United States. Those conversations about who is winning as if speaking about a horse race instead of a yet still undecided national election. Or the seemingly daily shootings at schools or during unnecessary police encounters. And the ever-present advertising of fast food, fast cars, fast acting nasal spray. Everything wants to be fast in America. But Marci and I have embraced slow. We eat slow. Our food is prepared after we order it. We move slow. Most days we never use a car. We travel slow.

But we do have a plan. The fact is the US is much more than all those dreads, that have recently caused both of us to moan and doubt our ability to cope as individuals and as a happily married unit. For us, the United States is a place of unbelievable beauty. We have traveled to the Grand Canyon and Glacier National Parks. And as we find every time we travel anywhere on earth, the US is place of astonishing kindness. Like the apparenBOLT ustly homeless woman we met a a rest stop who shared her homemade jam inspiring us to share our morning coffee. We three had a breakfast picnic before Marci and I drove onward to eventually meet some friends in New Orleans for Essence Fest.

There is without a doubt a system of racist policies and racist actions in our country, the results of which slash our hearts. But we decided we were not going to allow those things to keep us from enjoying the beauty. So we are buying an RV and touring the country for a year or so, visiting National Parks, museums and chatting with women of a certain age about their relationship to our country.

This trip home is not the end of our international travels. North America is just another continent and once we are ready we will move on. But while we are home we will explore America from a black, queer and elder perspective. These things inform our choices and inspire us. We know we want to attend several women festivals throughout the year beginning with one 20160619_132905-1.jpgof our favorites the NIA Gathering. We also want to visit Underground Railroad sites. We’ve left lots of free time in our schedule so that we can take suggestions and move slowly and boundlessly.

We invite your suggestions and hope you will continue to follow our travels as we return home.

If you had a year to travel North America where would you go? What would be your first three stops. Please share in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Boundlessly Homeward

  1. This is exciting! I’m in Memphis. If you haven’t been to the civil rights museum her, it’s wonderful. The Lorraine Hotel, of course, is the central component of the tour, but I learned so much that I didn’t know. Also, so many small artifacts that is never seen like letters, notes, songs, quotes, actual bedroom MLK last slept in, a very surreal photo of Coretta that I can’t get our of my mind that is both beautiful and sad. I hippie to join you on a few excursions. Can’t wait to see you! Peace. Ayo


    1. Hey Ayo. We are in Montgomery. Have you been here? We of course will do the Memphis freedom and civil rights circuit. Looking forward to it. We will contact you when we are headed your way. Thanks for the suggestions. Love.


  2. This webpage has inspired me and my dream. I am 64 and planning on retiring next year and have lived out of an RV before and want to do it again. But this time I want to travel as the wind invites me to see the places I have not seen in the US. I admire you two and hope one day to meet up with you. I will start following your page and will connect on FB also. You are living a life I want to live and making plans now to do so. It is hard for me right now to wait, but good planning makes a much happier time on the road.
    I want to say I have traveled over seas and totally agree with you about the difference in other countries to here. I fell in love with Africa and the people I met out in the bush. There was such a peace to their existence that us American’s miss out on. So, please think of me and know if I could leave today I would for sure be on the trail with you two.
    Love and appreciation for your contributions to Mother Earth in the positive love you seem to find and leave where ever you go.


    1. Thank you Phyllis. We love Africa, especially Zambia and Tanzania. Living as global citizens is a gift. One we prepared for by saving and as you say planning. We were anxious to begin also but we are glad we stuck to our time line. Doing so made the boundless and serendipitous portion of our travels less worrisome. We had time to practice planned spontaneity. We used our days to talk about and research our travel interests. Fun.
      Thank you for your generous estimation of our simple life. We see that which we are. Thank you for kindness. Looking forward to meeting on the road.


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