BOLT Reviews: RV Stay Spots

We’ve had our 1994 Minnie Winnie RV for over 2 months now.  We are loving our tiny home on wheels and life on the road.  We are often asked about what our options are for overnight parking or longer stays. Here are out impressions of what we’ve found thus far.

Home Sweet Home 

We are currently parked at Kathy’s mom’s house in South Los Angeles. It’s great!  We’ve had lots of visits from family and friends. We have access to fresh water and electricity. We also have enjoyed wonderful stay at the home of our dear friend, Lecia, in Montgomery, AL and a fun night parked in front of  the home of Jeri and Diane after a night of cards. I really love being able to visit folks without imposing on any one’s hospitality.  

Private or Public RV Lots

The picture above is of Dockweiler State Beach RV Park.  They call it a campground but really it’s just a big parking lot.  You do have access to fresh water and electricity but these places are all really expensive.  The range is $30 to over $100 a night. Dockweiler is $65.  These places are our last resort.

Overnight Parking at Wal-Mart

I’m not a fan of Wal-Mart but we have spent several comfortable nights in their super center lots. Many RVers find this a great choice when traveling. Of course, there is no fresh water or electricity but our Winnie has a big tank for water and a good battery for lights, etc.

Public Campgrounds 

Wether a national, state or county park these campgrounds are my favorites.  We are all about traveling, finding beauty and meeting like minded adventurers. Public campgrounds are in beautiful surroundings often with walking trails, museums or nature centers. Some have full hook ups (water and electricity) some are more rugged. The prices vary but are usually affordable at an average of $25 a night.

Rest Areas 

You can usually find a clean, safe rest area off major highways. This is a good free option when traveling from place to place.  They are usually kind of noisy, with lots of big rig trucks.  Some of them, like the one above near San Luis Obispo, California, are often quite beautiful. 

Mountain Lakes Resort, Lytle Creek, CA

Over 20 years ago I bought a membership at this members only campground.  It’s really paying off now.  We came up for two weeks, had full hook ups (electricity, water, dumping), were surrounded by peace and beauty and were able to use the many amenities  (Jacuzzi, family center, laundry room, etc). We really love this place and are interested in exploring other membership campground spots.  If you are interested in a visit to Mountain Lakes let us know. 

How About You? 

We’d love to hear from you about your favorite camping or RV parking spots.  We’ll be getting back on the road soon and look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you. 

4 thoughts on “BOLT Reviews: RV Stay Spots

  1. This sounds like an interesting way to see the states. My dad wanted to do this but the kids didn’t want him to part with our childhood home very selfishly. But what freedom! Enjoy. A beautiful life!


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Sorry your dad didn’t get to travel the country in an RV. But parenthood has it responsibilities. It is why so many RVers are retired. No kids to consider.Be well.


  2. My wife and I are seeking a used RV no more than a 22 footer. Thought we would rent one first to get the feel of it. If you love playing some bid whist maybe we can meet up on the road and have a card party. Not sure when to take off due to weather. Any tips are much appreciated.


    1. As far as RVs are concerned smaller is nice. If you want something with just a toilet and a stove you may wanna look at class Bs. But for living in you must balance size, floorplan, and close quarters tolerance. Marci and I reallllllly like each other so the closeness of a 30 ft class C works for us. As for Bid Whist… just let us know. We have thought of traveling from state to state playing cards and laughing loud. Keep in touch. Any questions about RVing! we will do our best to help with. But honestly, we are learning ourselves. Travel south in the winter. We will head toward Detroit in the Spring and Summer. Be well.


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