A New Year and a New Look for Winnie!

The Winnebago Company did an excellent job making our 1994 Minnie Winnie a compact, functional home on wheels. We are very happy with our tiny home. However, like any homeowners we wanted to put our own touches and make Winnie a true reflection of the BOLT spirit. 

For reasons I can not fathom Winnie came with a very light blue carpet. Although the sellers did a great job of carpet cleaning the old spots and dirt quickly returned.  We added dirt and spills of our own. No matter how I tried the carpet looked terrible. It makes no sense to me that a vehicle designed for outdoor adventures should have carpet!

Our dear friend Djembe Jan Nicholson came to the rescue.  Who knew that in addition to being a master drummer and fabulous artist, Jan knows how to install floors!  We picked out a beautiful, waterproof laminate and Jan got to work.

Kathy and I even got to help.  Yep! That’s me using a skill saw.  It was hard work as RVs have lots of nooks, crannies, bumps and grooves that regular houses don’t have.  But Jan got the job done!

We are so happy with our beautiful and practical new floor.  We’ve also added some other Halili Akoma/BOLT touches. 

My awesome, creative wife is transforming our plain, white ceiling with this cloth from Malaysia. 

Our dear friend, Katrice Jackson, gifted us with this wonderful sacred box taken from the tattoos Kathy and I both have.

Our tiny bedroom is decorated with the cloth we were wrapped in on our wedding day and the window is draped with the symbolic threshold we crossed on that day.

We’ve had lots of fun decorating, spending time with friends and family and getting Winnie road ready.  Tomorrow we embark on our next adventure. We look forward to sharing it with you and please…share your adventures, comments and questions with us.


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