BOLT Reviews: Quartzsite, Arizona 

Not far from the California – Arizona border lies the tiny town of Quartzsite, AZ.  Tiny as in 3,600 permanent residents.  During the winter months Quartzsite becomes home to the largest gathering of RVers in the world.  Largest as in over 300,000 RV visitors! 

RV enthusiasts come from all over the country, especially “snow birds” from the colder states. As new RV owners, Of course Kathy and I wanted to check it out.

There is a beauty and serenity to the desert that I have always loved.  I felt it as soon as we found the perfect spot in the La Posa Campground to park Winnie.  It’s on United States Bureau of Land Management land. For $40 we can stay for 2 weeks, which includes water and a spot to dump our holding tanks.  For the  $40 we can also move around to any of the other 6 BLM campgrounds.

There’s lots to see and do in Quartzsite if you like swap meet/flea market style shopping.And there are plenty of quirky characters like this group of street musicians. 

We took long, lovely walks every day into town. 

There are of course, lots of RVs and accessories on sale.

Some of them are really amazing and we had fun being looky loos.

We also arrived just in time for the annual Gem and Mineral Show.  It was wonderful walking around soaking up the energy and beauty.

We really enjoyed our stay, so far, I Quartzsite.  We got to try out the solar panel for the first time. It works great!  We’ll be in the Arizona area for a while more. Looking forward to a visit to Lake Havasu (50 miles away) and to sharing more of our travels with you.


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